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Increase energy, metabolism, improve focus and detox your body while promoting cellular rejuvenation with our non-invasive & painless therapeutic breakthrough technology.

Theraphi™ is powerful centripetal broad spectra phase conjugate field. Plasma Healing Field Technology used to develop Theraphi™ produces highly stimulating, healing, and rejuvenating effects. The Spooky2 Rife Machine offers 53,000 treatment programs to choose from.

Spooky2 can design a program treatment based on irregular frequencies identified in the biofeedback. Biofeedback results offer a window into your treatment progress, performing multiple biofeedback sessions over time gives a full picture of your health & recovery.

Sessions must be used within 30 days. Sessions cannot be shared or traded.

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Theraphi™ Combo Packages

Biofeedback can detect irregular frequencies in the body. Choose a biofeedback before your Theraphi™ session and direct the energy accordingly during your Theraphi™ session.

  • Biofeedback + Theraphi™ (60 minute) $55 – Book me
  • Biofeedback + Theraphi™ + Frequency (120 minutes) $75 – Book me

Try Biofeedback & Rife

Frequency treatments can be performed based on frequency results.

  • Biofeedback + Frequency Treatment (60 minutes) $45 – Book me