Frequently asked questions

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a Theraphi session?

It’s important to be well hydrated prior to each session, so be sure to drink plenty of filtered water 24 hours before your scheduled session. It’s also recommended to continue hydrating after each session. Theraphi promotes detoxification, and drinking water helps the detox process.

What should I wear to my sessions?

It is best to wear soft comfortable lose clothing. Shoes, jewelry, or any type of metal should be removed during the session.

May I have my cell phone or other electronic device with me?

All electronic devices must be kept away from the Theraphi table. A basket in the room is provided for these items.

Will someone be with me in the room?

The Theraphi room is totally private. Once your session starts, you will be by yourself for the duration of the session. A trained Theraphi operator will be outside the room, and checking in periodically if necessary.

Should I eat food before a session?

A state of comfort and relaxation is necessary to achieve maximum benefits from your session. It is best to schedule your sessions around big meals, eating a small healthy snack prior if necessary.

Will I feel tired after a session?

Each individual experience is unique. Some people have experienced extreme bliss, and other experienced tiredness. Most experience elevated energy and happiness. Depending on your health goals, each session will be a unique experience.

Can a person with a pacemaker or other electrical devices get in the Theraphi?

No one with electronic implants (pacemakers) should use plasma, please consult your medical professional for more information on other treatment options.

I am taking medications; will this be a problem?

It is always best to speak with a medical professional with concerns first. We are not medical. However, if you have been treated for cancer using chemotherapy, it is recommended you schedule appointments 6-12 months after your last treatment.

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