How it works

Theraphi™ is a centripetal broad-spectra phase conjugate field generator (plasma/optical/ELF) which produces light and an electrical field focused between two glass cones.

Cold plasma

Plasma medicine is a relatively new field that grew from research in the application of low-temperature (or cold) atmospheric plasma in bio-engineering. One of the most promising applications of cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is cancer therapy.

High technology

The device utilizes an amplifier, custom Pyrex tubes (filled with a unique blend of noble gas) and a multi-circuit high voltage Tesla coil in order to produce a powerful and highly stimulating bio-active field through a golden ratio frequency cascade.


Quick and easy to use


Non-invasive sessions


100% safe to use

Profound effects

Theraphi™ has been found to generate strong feelings of being energized, increase metabolic acceleration, reduce swelling and to improve circulation. Preliminary reports are purely anecdotal and this technology is currently undergoing extensive medical research.

Healing starts here

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