Donna‘s background

Donna Greager was born and raised in Fruita, Colorado. She spent most of her life farming and ranching cattle up until 2017. Entrepreneurship is nothing new to Donna.

God and family have always been the most important aspects of her life.

Donna Grager

Donna was in the restaurant business for twenty years and then went on to run her own foreign import retail store for many years before retiring.

Donna is the mother of three children, grandmother of six and great-grandma of three.

Interests & Hobbies

When not working, you can find Donna on the golf course, thrifting, practicing Tai Chi, creating art work or making essential oils from her herb garden and if you still cant find her, shes probably out riding her Harley Davidson!

Donna‘s Theraphi story

Donna had always lived a very active life. She was always playing sports, exercising and had even became a vegetarian. Then in 2012 Donna was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her life dramatically changed after experimenting with various medications.

After over a year of nausea, dizziness, weight loss and severe loss of strength and mobility her rheumatologist put her on Dmards and Biologics.

Complications meant that she was required to have blood tests every three months to check in on the side effects of the medication. Liver damage, kidney damage, skin cancers and infections were just a few of the known side effects.

It made no logical sense, there was no family history and she had always been healthy! Donna had let stress manifest into “DIS -EASE.”

On her journey to find a solution for her RA, she was introduced to Theraphi through Debbie Green in Grand Junction, Colorado – who owns a Theraphi device.

Shortly afterwards ‘Theraphi of Florida’ was in the process. Within three months Donna was off all of her life controlling medication within three months of bio electric medicine! Theraphi helped her regain her life back and now it is Donna’s passion and mission to share the plasma technology of Theraphi with the world!

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