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Aspen G. 27 San Diego, CA

When I tried Theraphi for the first time I was astonished. It felt like it was getting a tune up and recharged. I felt a great sense of peace that I was able to carry with me sometimes for several days. Not only that, but as someone who struggles with focus, I found that regular treatments not only increased my work performance, but I felt overall far more productive. I love the science behind Theraphi. I am forever grateful to LaChelle and Donna for guiding me through this life changing process. I cannot recommend it more to my friends and family. If you’re looking to recharge and relax, give Theraphi a try!!

Gail H. 68 Mesa, AZ

I want to tell you about my experience with Donna and LaChelle of Theraphi of Florida, both wonderful caring women were very professional, informative and supportive about my health issues. I have NS T-Cell Lymphoma and after chemotherapy and stem cell transplant was looking for other therapy options that would help me in my path to recovery. I was very impressed with my results; I was more relaxed because of my anxiety and energized after my treatments. I will continue trying new ideas in my path to recovery and Theraphi is one of the.

Joshua G 42 Galveston, TX

I have struggled with alcoholism and depression for years. After my first session I completely stopped drinking. I’m looking forward to more sessions to help overcome and lifelong addiction. I felt a sense of peace and helped with anxiety immediately. I don’t understand it, all I know is that it is very real.

Roy G. 58 Cape Coral, FL

I felt an immediate sense of total relaxation, completely unexpected. After my first few sessions, I regained energy and clarity. Bioelectric medicine is a real. Thank you Donna & LaChelle. A must try.

Barry H 29 Fort Myers, FL

I have an autoimmune disorder, and given the current circumstances in the world, I am very concerned about my immune system. After a couple sessions, I noticed my body healing different, quicker, faster. I was curious when I read the advertisement “$34.99, charge your immunity system”, so I tried it. I also experienced more energy. Strongly recommend if you want to charge your body’s natural defense. Life saver. Best kept secret in modern advanced technology.

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